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Seeing a Different View

By sandi | December 29, 2012

We have been noticing little things about Annie’s vision for a while now. She was always in the front of the class near the teacher because she can be a bit off task so we never noticed that she couldn’t see the board.

This year she has been sitting back farther in the class and been complaining about not being able to see clearly. Actually, she only really complained to Kimberly and asked her not to tell us but thankfully Kimberly thought it was important enough to tell us about Annie’s struggles.

We decided to take her in over winter break to see if she needed glasses. She in fact does need glasses and is near sighted like her father was before he had lasik.

Annie was worried about what she would look like with glasses. People already call her weird at school and she was worried this would push them over the edge on teasing her. That may be the case but as poor as her vision is glasses are necessary.

I can’t say that I am over the moon about Annie’s appearance changing, in fact I was very sad when I saw her in the glasses for the first time. This is it. From now on that precious little face will have glasses on it. I am sure I will get used to it and honestly she looks cute in her glasses, but still I miss what was there before, or wasn’t there.

She asked when she would be allowed to have contacts and I told her in her teens. I also told her that when she was old enough Dad and I would pay for her to have the eye surgery like dad did so she no longer has to worry about glasses. She said she never wants the surgery but I suspect her tune will change on that one day.

Here she is the moment before they brought out her glasses and changed her face.

Annie just before she put on her glasses

Here she is after with the adorable but oh so different face.

Annie's 1st glasses

She has to wear them all the time unless she is reading a book for an extended period of time.

We made sure she got them while on break so she can get used to them before she goes to school in January.

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One Response to “Seeing a Different View”

  1. Stephanie Says:
    December 30th, 2012 at 9:37 am

    She looks adorable in glasses!