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Father Daughter Dance

By bbrown | February 17, 2013

Daddy and his Girls

It was that time of year again—time for the Girl Scout Father-Daughter Dance. As you can see, I had three lovely dates for the evening. That means that there were three separate dance cards to fill! It was certainly going to be a night of rug cutting.

Every time I felt a desire to sit down and sit out a few songs, I recalled some wise words from Sandi said on a different occasion: “They’re only going to have a handful of birthday parties in our house so we should make them as special as we can.” They are going to remember these moments the rest of their lives—would I rather they remember Daddy not wanting to dance or Daddy giving it his all on the dance floor? That made the decision much easier, as relaxation was just a couple of hours away. (In the end, they wanted to dance and play with their friends a bit so I got my chance for a break then.)

Afterwards we had dessert at Culver’s with their friend Aubrey and her father Kevin. It was a nice, calm end to a very active night.

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