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Let’s Eat Like Dogs

By sandi | June 10, 2013

Today Annie and I were snuggling after my trip away and we were watching Tricia’s Southern Cooking. When Annie watches cooking show she inevitably finds something she wants to make and usually she wants to make it now. Often we don’t have the right ingredients or it isn’t the right time of day to make a soup, but sometimes we can accommodate it.

The reason I try to accommodate it is because I like to do things with her. Annie tends to be reclusive and it is often hard to have much interaction with her so I welcome the chance.

On the recorded show she was making some lasagna and peanut butter balls, none of which were of interest to Annie but while she was cooking them Tricia made a comment about how in her family she sometimes has “eat like a dog” night. Annie was instantly begging to do this.

Tonight Madeline was helping me make spaghetti for dinner so I said that we might be able to do this. The general idea is that you eat with your mouth like a dog. No hands or utensils are used in the meal.

Here they are ready and pumped to eat spaghetti and green beans like a dog. (Since I figured it was going to get kind of messy I had everyone get dressed in old swimsuits.)

Ready to eat like dogs

Here they are digging in.

Kimberly eating

All done!

Annie all done

Mimi all done

Kimberly all done

My poor boy was really upset by this event. He barely tried to eat the food with his face and actually started crying. :( We didn’t want to traumatize him so we gave him a fork. Sometimes I don’t understand his issues with food, but by golly I know he has them. He was so interested in this before we started but when it came down to actually putting his face in it he wouldn’t. He had a similar situation this year in kindergarten where they put their faces in whipped cream to find something and he was not able to do it.

Here is a picture of him trying to do it. Once he brought his face up from here he was crying for a napkin and so upset. Remember how much he hates April Fools Day, well he said tonight that “eat like a dog” day is worse. My poor boy.

Paul eating

All in all it was a really fun idea and I am glad we did it. The kids were really surprised that I was willing to eat like a dog as well. Something that you should make time for at least once in your life. :)

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One Response to “Let’s Eat Like Dogs”

  1. Dawn Says:
    June 11th, 2013 at 6:58 pm

    What fun! So sorry about Paul.