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Seal Beach 2013

By sandi | July 15, 2013

We like to take the kids back to Seal Beach because it is fun, easy and we all know exactly what to expect. I also think that by going back to the same place over and over they will have very fond memories of the beach. I know I feel this way about Lake Powell because I was up there for a week each year for many years.

This year we went and had a wonderful time just like all the other times. On our first night there we just went for a walk down the beach and enjoyed the waves. While we didn’t intend to get very wet, the kids got pretty wet and we went back to the beach house to have pizza.

The next day our friend Larry was able to come up and visit us. It is a rare treat to see him since we live so far away but it is always pleasurable. We dug for mole crabs, played in the water and had an all around good time.

Best buddies Mimi and Kimmie

I know I have said it before but it bears repeating, Madeline and Kimberly are either best of friends or worst of friends. Thankfully on the trip we had a lot more BFF time. I love to catch them when they are off enjoying each other—it reminds me of how much they really do love each other.

On the next day while Bill, Kimberly and Paul were busy digging a hole I took Mimi and Annie to dig for mole crabs. They found a motherload of them near the rocks and collected half a bucket full.

All four kids

Half a bucket of mole crabs

While at the Pineapple Cottage we played a lot of games.

Checkers and Mancala

This year the waves seemed larger than usual. The kids really enjoyed playing in them and riding them on the boogie board.

Here comes a big wave

Annie coming in

One of the days we went down to the other side of the pier and the kids found crabs and snails.

Annie looking for sea snails and crabs

Paul and the teeny tiny crab

Annie with her sea snails

On one of the nights there was a concert down at the pier. We walked down, enjoyed some ice cream and listened for a bit.

Enjoying some Cold Stone and a concert in the park

We wrote our names in the sand and Madeline even made a sand drawing of Seal Beach.

MImi and her sign

This year Paulie was not afraid to go out in the ocean. Look at him here out enjoying the water and hanging onto the boogie board for support.

Mommy with Mimi, Paul and Kimmie in the water

Just in case you didn’t think he was out that far, check out this picture.

We are out there.  Paul's first time out in the ocean

While we were all out in the ocean we Kimberly spied a seagull on the shore holding something in its mouth. Kimmie thought it was a starfish so she yelled and asked Annie to get the starfish from the seagull. Annie chased the seagull practically down to the pier until he gave up his bounty. She would go ten feet closer he would fly away ten more. Only Annie would have be so tenacious in this retrieval. When I got out of the ocean she asked if she could keep the mermaid’s purse she had found. They are constantly asking to keep shells or crabs so I figured this was no different. I told her to put it in the beach bag and didn’t give it another thought.

Later Annie came back around to show me what she had found. I said that it looked like a shark egg. Annie was estastic at the thought and we said we would look it up on the iPad when we got back to the beach house. We looked it up and in fact it is a shark egg or skate egg. Amazing. We tried to look inside but clearly the seagull had crushed and mashed whatever was once living in the egg. Such a cool find and the people who own the beach house had never seen any before. (Which to Annie made the experience all the more gratifying. She loves rare or limited edition stuff.)

We had such a good time on our vacation. It is always exciting to experience new things and see how the kids are growing and experiencing the world.

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One Response to “Seal Beach 2013”

  1. Dawn Says:
    July 17th, 2013 at 4:08 am

    How much fun you all had! Loved reading about it and catching up on my favorite Browns! Super cool about the skate egg!